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More than 90 women living in poverty have been organized in sheep and goat rearing and beekeeping cooperatives and started generating income. Besides they were provided training on financial management and currently they have started saving and their lives improving.
The previously established saving and credit cooperatives and other cooperatives were provided support through provision of training, additional seed money and technical support. Hence, some of these cooperatives have increased their members to at least 100 and contributed for the economic and social empowerment of the members and their family.

School Construction

A total of 9 additional class rooms and 4 separate toilet facilities were constructed in three primary schools. Furthermore, potable water was constructed in two primary schools. Seven primary schools were provided school furniture and threes schools provided reference books and black boards. The supports benefited over 1,632(746 girls) students.

School clubs

School clubs such as girls club, boys club and mini media clubs have been established in three schools to increase children’s participation in the school and to exercise their potential in the school.