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Programmatic Issues
a. Education and Early Childhood Development
Scale up school contribution to improve quality education through construction of classrooms and providing equipment with the participation of the community, contribute to early childhood development and creation of awareness in the school set upon positive child disciplining methods.

b. Child Migration and Trafficking

Prevention of child migration and trafficking and rehabilitation of victims.

c. Child Protection

Provide prevention and rehabilitation services for orphans and vulnerable children, children with disabilities and labor exploited children and youth including medical, counseling, family reunification services, vocational and life skills trainings and income generation activities.

d. Child Rearing Practices, Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS

Undertake prevention of harmful child rearing practices, rehabilitate child victims, scale up sexual reproductive health and prevent HIV/AIDS

e. Social and Economic Development of Women
Scale up and expand the social and economic empowerment of disadvantaged women.

f. Food Security
Strengthen food security and livelihood activities to help the disadvantaged children, youth and women self reliance.
g. Maternal and Child Health Care
Undertake maternal and child care services to contribute to MDG of reduction of child and maternal death.

h. Water, Sanitation and hygiene
Scale up the undertaking of water and sanitation activities and livelihood support for disadvantaged communities.

i. Disaster Prevention and Rehabilitation of Victims
Engage in disaster prevention and rehabilitation of victims