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ANPPCAN-Ethiopia has registered various notable achievements over the last five years. The highlights of these achievements are presented below.
a. Child protection
ANPPCAN-Ethiopia provided psychosocial support services, including medical, counselling and family reunification for child victims of mistreatment.
It provided HELP LINES, i.e. cases reporting services for child victims of mistreatment. Children who are exposed to actual or attempted case of mistreatment, or adults who happen to have witnessed the occurrence of the same, give a call to the following numbers: 0115502222 in Addis Ababa, 935 in Hawassa; 8425 in Wondogenet; and 8625 in Dara, Sidama zone SNNPR. The services in connection with the HELP LINE include: counselling, medical care, re-unification with families and referral link with the relevant government partners.
The positive child disciplining manual that ANPPCAN-Ethiopia has prepared and published in collaboration with the Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs and Save the Children International has improved the way parents, teachers and others handle children. The manual is prepared in English, Amharic and Oromiffa languages and made available in a number of schools across the country. Other NGOs are using the same manual in their intervention areas.
b. Support for HVCs
ANPPCAN-Ethiopia is one of the implementing partners of the USAID funded project for highly vulnerable children (HVCs) (i.e., “Yekokobe Birhan”) in North Gondar zone of the Amhara Region in partnership with Pact-Ethiopia. Under this project alone, ANPPCAN-Ethiopia has managed to reach huge number of highly vulnerable children through a range of services including; housing, educational material, health care, nutrition and economic support for the family.

c. Rescuing children exposed to prostitution
ANPPCAN-Ethiopia has been instrumental in rescuing children exposed to prostitution in Addis Ababa through the provision of vocational skill training; mainly in food preparation, with the support of United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund and Oak-Foundation.
During the past two years, ANPPCAN-Ethiopia provided vocational training, along with life skills education for adolescent girls who had been unemployed and exposed to various social problems. Currently they are running small businesses of their own. They have become a source of inspiration for other girls in the intervention area.
People in the project area were informed and educated about ways of tackling sexual exploitation of children.
d. Prevention and Reduction of Harmful Child Rearing Practices (HCRPs)
ANPPCAN-Ethiopia has contributed significantly on prevention and reduction of harmful child rearing practices in its intervention areas. Sensitization on health hazards of child rearing practices was given to community members including parents, community elders, religious leaders, and youth and women groups and to school children, teachers and PTSA members in intervention area of the organization.
e. Economic Empowerment of the Youth:
In response to the ever spiralling migration of the youth from rural areas of North Wollo, North Gondor and Sidama Zones to urban centres, ANPPCAN-Ethiopia in partnership with Save the Children International and Plan International has supported many rural youths who were on the verge of migration to engage in gainful income generating activities in their locality. They were provided with training on various off-farm activities and business development skills. They were also supported with start-up capital and market linkages in order to make their business successful.
f. Sexual and Reproductive Health
ANPPCAN-Ethiopia had implemented a project on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) in North Wollo in partnership with save the Children International with the financial support of European Union. The project informed and educated tens of thousands adolescent girls and boys as well as other members of the community on reproductive health and brought about tangible results.
Almost all pregnant women in the intervention Woredas are giving birth in health centres. One of the biggest achievements of the project is the ownership of the action by the community and local government partners.

g. Migrant and Trafficked Children
ANPPCAN-Ethiopia is one of the implementers of the project known as Northern Corridor for prevention of Child Migration with the support of OAK Foundation and run jointly with four other NGOs with specific responsibilities for each organization. The intervention corridor extends from Debra Birhan to Kobo.
ANPPCAN-Ethiopia has a similar intervention in North Gondar, with funds from Terre des Homes, to reduce child migration and trafficking through strengthening child protection structures, including community child care coalitions (CCCs), school child protection clubs and school media clubs with the active involvement of local duty bearers, vulnerable children are empowered with counselling, life skills, and school material support. Moreover, vocational training was given for out of school youth in order to make them self-supportive.
h. Women Development
ANPPCAN-Ethiopia in partnership with Action Aid Ethiopia has supported women who are single heads of households in Fitches Town and Girar Jarso Woreda of North Shoe Zone of Oromia Region. Due to economic and social empowerment interventions, their leadership and decision making skill has been enhanced and consequently increased the level of their participation in the community in matters that concern them.
These women are organized in saving and credit associations and provided with a start up capital of 40,000 per association. A remarkable change has been taking place in the lives of these women. Many of them have upgraded their houses, changed their house hold utensils, etc; and more importantly, they are meeting their respective children’s basic needs. They are now able to send their children to school.
Furthermore, the cooperatives have now formed a union together with other cooperatives of neighbouring Woredas.
Other vulnerable young women are also supported to be organized in cooperatives and engage in business activities such as bee keeping and sheep rearing.
i. Provision of Quality Education
ANPPCAN-Ethiopia has been instrumental in helping schools in its intervention areas with class rooms and basic facilities such as, laboratory, library, water, toilets etc.
j. Water and sanitation
ANPPCAN-Ethiopia has built several latrines (With separate rooms for boys and girls) and water wells for residents with their active participation.
Finally, over the years, ANPPCAN-Ethiopia has maintained a good track record of implementing cost effective projects and has proved to be reliable partner to a number of donors.

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